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How can I give my client a Panel To See his orders and edit products ?!

Hi @TarekSherif21

You need to build a set of screens to handle this. You’re best to start with the tutorials on how to use Adalo- and once you have learnt the basics you will be able to do this no problem.

I would recommend that you do this as a separate app from the app that your users are seein- and it may be better as a website because these types of aadmin tasks are better done on a computer rather than a mobile phone.

How can I build a separate app for “Orders” Only ?!!


You can build two apps that share the same database. So you would have one app which is what the public uses to buy items and a different app (a website) for your client to see orders received and edit products.

Of course you can put all this into just one app but in my experience people want to add and edit products and see orders etc on a big screen, not a mobile phone so that’s why I’m suggesting a separate app.

Thanks, Can you please share a video or something with me learn me how to share the database between 2 apps ?!

Hi Tarek,

This video should help you.

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