Ebook Reader app - Text visibility based on difficulty level


I am looking to see if it is possible with Adalo to build a reading app where readers can choose the level of the text difficulty (comprehension)?

Say there is a chapter and the full text in the chapter appears based on the level the reader chooses. Meaning some words are shown to the reader and others, on the same page, are blurry or not readable. Then the texts appear on the basis of the level the reader has chosen.

Take the photo as an example

Let say;
the blue color is level one of reading,
black is level 2 which includes level 1 as well,
orange is level 3 which includes levels 1 and 2,
green is level 4 which includes levels 1,2, and 3

Is something like this doable with Adalo.

I appreciate the answer. Thank you.

Hi @nuripm ,

Try HTML component,

Thank you for this reply @Yongki. This is beyond my capacity given the “no-code” ness of the platform.

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