Edit date in custom form

Hello, how can I update a date in a custom form?

I have a registration form that I enter with an example date 06/15/2020 and then I need to update the date to the next one, like 09/17/2020.

I don’t know how to do this update in a custom form

Hi @Rios ,

Use built-in form, because it will take the content from inside the collection

Before you link to the screen that have this built-in form, do update to that date time field so it will be the default value to show.

Hi, I already tested it in the internal form, everything worked out.

My form has many fields, it was too long.

In the custom form I make it more organized.
Adalo still doesn’t do this update in a custom form?

You are right, custom form can have some benefit and risk too.

Another thought would be just to limit only certain fields inside the built-in form.

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