Passing Date Value to Edit Page

Hello! I have a form that collects a date (and other info) and saves to the database. However, I’d like the user to edit this record on an “edit” page but I’d like all the record details to show up on the new “edit” page. It’s a custom form (individual input fields, date picker, etc) and I can pass the input values of text and numbers, but I can’t figure out the date portion. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

You need to do change input value before linking to “edit” page.

Thank you. I don’t see how I can do this for the date field? I see all the other text fields I can edit, but not the date field.

Ohh I missed that, for date, we need the field in collection, so to have an additional field in users collection that can be accessed through login in user can help.

But this must be used in form, not custom form, so your “edit page” might contains 2 buttons, first is for form and second for for input fields.

But if I use a form on the edit page, it seems to want to create a new record instead of updating the current record.

So in my Trades collection, I do have an Open Date property. Is this what you mean?

Yes, it is almost.

To make an update instead of create, at previous screen use list to link to this screen, put button or icon inside the list that have action to this screen, in that way, you can choose to update collection.

And you can use other actions after update form (which have no delete button) to do another update that to the collection with other input fields.

Hi, did you manage to update the date in a custom form?

I have this same problem

Hi, did you manage to update the date in a custom form?

I have this same problem