Updating a user profile with customs form inputs

Hi all!

I’m trying to allow a user to update his/her own profile, but with a custom form. This custom form is made from different inputs that I added and grouped(image, multiline text, and single-line inputs). I linked the magic text with a custom update button with the record “current user”. However, nothing is being updated after it goes back to the profile.


Hi Mikhail,

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I made a video showing how to do this, but the only problem with inputs and not a form is that it updates the input to blank if you don’t fill it out.

Thanks for the quick reply James!

Unfortunately, the issue isn’t with the form template that is built into Adalo, but it’s a custom one I made from grouping multiple inputs together.

Ok, after watching the first video finish it up with this one and everything should work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks James! This helped me a lot. I realized also that I had to set the record to Logged In User.

No problem. Glad that helped! :slight_smile:

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