How can I create a custom form to update input from collection?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a custom form to update the “current coaching session”.
I expect the answer to be fairly obvious, but I can’t see the forest through the trees.

For my app I’m using different coaching models, and as a result, they have a different number of questions and answer fields. So what I need now is to link to a screen to update the ‘current session’, but I can’t use the standard form.

The screen to read the journal entry and the screen to edit it use the “sometimes visible” functionality to show the question or answer field only when it contains content.

Can anyone help me understand how to create the edit logic to edit the existing content of the available fields and the action logic to update it? I have searched far and wide on the forum and youtube but can’t figure it out.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @arnie23 ,

At the Edit button, use change input value of the text input in the next screen, this is to fill the text input from database.

At Update button, use update collection with the related text input.

Hi @Yongki ,

Thank you for your reply; much appreciated. I’ve tried to implement it, but haven’t succeeded yet.

I have uploaded a few screenshots. Could you point out where I’m going wrong?

Are you saying I should create the “change input value” for all the answer fields before linking the edit button to the edit screen? What I’m running into, trying to do this, is that I can select the field to edit, but I can’t select what value to replace this with. I’ve tried to leave the value field empty and experimented with removing the magic text on the ‘edit journal entry screen’ for the fields I’m trying to update, but this results in no values being visible on the edit screen.

In the Edit screen, you can use component of Text Input, this text input is the one that get Change Input Value from Edit button in the previous screen.

So, change input value A1 with coaching session a1.

For update, use Other components of Text Input in the same screen, not from other screen.

What I see is you don’t have text input in the edit screen.

Text Input is different from Text component.

Thanks for your help @Yongki , this solved my problem! I was simply using the wrong field! Using the text field instead with magic text in for each text field to fill in existing answers did the trick.

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Glad that you solve it.

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