Editing a Dropdown input


I have an issue with a dropdown input. In one screen I created a form that has a dropdown input for selecting the city the user is located in.

I want to create another screen where the user can edit the location again as a Dropdown, but I should show him the last option he set before. However, I can’t find a way to bring that information to the dropdown and set it as the default.

Please help

Hello, In order to do this, you should create a relationship between the Users and Cities Collections, which will be (Every city can have multiple users and each user belongs to one city). Then Go to the Dropdown component’s configuration settings, and scroll down to see a section called “Default value”. Now select logged-in user => City. And now you have set the default value for each user’s city.

I hope I have solved your problem.
Thank you!

Hi Ali,

The question is , the drop down value is not passing to edit screen for updating the record.