Form issue - Dropdown / slider / user input

I need some help, currently developing my first application. Fairly tech savy, just finding a roadblock for what I am trying to do.

overview the app is used for data collection… this form is essentially an alternative for google forms. The information recorded is for sales people when they make a sale to spiff them as well as keep them engaged. My form needs a couple items

Invoice number (user input)
I have 16 items that we sell and will spiff on I would like to either have a drop down that they click on each item they sold or a slider bar toggle. I need an input for the sale price on the right side. in different markets our product is priced differently.

I am able to get the form to work with a single item but just not what I am looking for currently.
I welcome questions.
Thank you in advance!

I also want this to push to forms, or sheets, or airtable (not using it yet)