Editor does not load on M1 mac for large projects


The Adalo editor does not load larger projects on the M1 Mac, I wait for a long time before giving up, I refresh a few time, I clean the cookies and have tried Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers but nothing, sometimes I’ll wait an hour and it does not load. The thing is that my Windows pc loads all the projects fine. I’m thinking there is something with Apple silicone or the Mac software which does not load the editor properly as the Windows pc has a i3-6100t and 8gb ram so it’s just basic and that has no issues on loading the editor.

Anyone else have this experience this with their Apple computers and what do you do, do you use a specific browser that works well with Adalo, is there a setting that needs to be changed for this to work faster as once it loads the Adalo editor it works much better than the Windows pc.

Thank you very much for you advice.

Hey, @Kasimjh for large projects you should use a VPN also. Use a VPN that is in the US, as that’s where the Adalo servers are located. Loading times in the editor will be significantly faster when accompanied with Firefox.

Also make sure to turn off Lottie Animations in the browser, and rather than uploading images into the image frame in the browser, paste the URLS. I hope this helps. I have a couple of projects that have 200+ screens, and the VPN made all the difference… But make sure it’s a good VPN, Some of the free VPNS are terribly slow.

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Thank you very much for the advice, that may be the case as I’m from the UK. My app isn’t as big as yours I have about 100 screens, I have implemented some of the stuff you have said such as Lottie files but I’ll go around and disable all and I did purchase a VPN last year with NordVPN, I’ll definitely give that a go and also change the images to URLs.

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated.

Cool. Let me know how it works, I’m in Belfast, UK also and VPN makes all the difference.

That advice was great, the VPN worked very well, now it’s loading completely fine.

Great to hear :slight_smile: You’ll super charge your output now :slight_smile:

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