Editor slowing down as app grows

I’m starting to notice more lag and frame rates dropping now as my app grows. Does anyone have any tips / tricks? like browser preference, turning off this or that, etc.

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Hi @marklive :wave:

Thank you

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Hi @marklive,

This is a common problem, unfortunately :frowning: What can help from my experience:

  • turn off “Display Screen Connections” in App Settings (or Shift+L)
  • open the editor in the freshly-started browser and be sure you don’t have other applications consuming lots of resources
  • reduce number of screens and elements (for example, unnecessary grouping). I know it is not easy but sometimes you may have lots of “draft” screens saved for future use :slight_smile:
  • turn of Lottie animations in editor if you have any (they consume A LOT of resources)

Best regards, Victor.


Other things that can also help:

  • Avoid “hard coding” images in screens but instead try to reference them from a collection. (You can do this by having a generic images collection that has an ID property field and then filtering by the ID of the image you want)
  • Avoid having large volumes of “hard coded” text. Again, reference these large bodies of text through magic text of a collection. This can be achieved similar to the above-mentioned tactic above for images.

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