Fixed positioning bug

I seem to have come across a bug with fixed position components. If you fix a component’s position to “top” or “bottom” it automatically changes it’s arrangement to the front of the interface. Has anyone else come across this, or found a solution? I want an image to glide behind all the components on my screen, not over them.

Hi @Dons :wave:

Like this?

If it is you can do it from here.
Click that screen and go to Edit Styles
and you can add the image.( Image)

Thank you

Here’s an example of what i mean and the problem I am having of the image element not staying behind the other elements!

Looks like my GIF isn’t showing. :frowning:

What is happening is i arrange the black image behind all the other elements. Then, preview, and everything looks fine. The black image is behind the other elements.

But, when i set the black image to a fixed position of either top or bottom, in the preview it moves the image in front off all the other components when I need it to be behind them!

If I’m correct so the image is fixed to Top. So it’s on top. Then it becomes to top and can’t move. When scrolling other components are scrolling under the image.

Not quite. Try this.

  1. Add in an image element

  2. Click the “arrange” and “send to the back”

  3. The image should now be behind all the other elements on your page when you preview. Good.

  4. Now, on the image click “edit styles” and under “fixed” select “top” or “bottom”

  5. Now when you preview, the element is no longer behind the other elements. This is the problem. By selecting the image to stay either at the “top” or “bottom” the image changes its arrangement, and then moves from behind all the other elements to in front of them when the app is previewed.

I need the element to remain in a fixed position, but behind the other elements.

Yeah I also tried same and same result.

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