Procedure for email verification with zappier

Procedure for email verification with zappier.Please,thanks.

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  1. Create a new collection called Validation, with two fields. 1. Email Id and 2. OTP

Then first registration page ask user email id and generate a OTP using RAND function. Send a mail to user as well insert the record into validation.

Next page ask user to enter the OTP and then autofill the email and rest of the fields ask user to fill up. Finally insert into users table.

Hope this helps.



let me check it out.Thanks a lot

Can we do this email verification without Zapier?

There might be a way but I’m not aware of it.

You can use free Zapier and sendgrid. It gives 100 mails per month free.

so this does not entail use of zapier?

How do you get Adalo to send an email? is that where the Zappier integration comes in? how does that work? got anymore instructions on that part? thanks!

This is a problem I’m working on solving with Adastacks. But yes for this to work, you will need Sendgrid primarily. You can use Custom Actions to send an email without using Zapier.

Do you have a component or a cloned email verification app we can copy that does this with custom actions? Can I pay someone to create it? Thanks!

Hey, I hope you found the solution!
I’m creating it for a client of mine, let me know if you need that.

You can contact me at or on my Adalo Expert page

Hi @Andyk,

Just in case, you might find this video to be useful:


I subbed nice vids! :slight_smile:

That’s of great help for the community!

I’d suggest using a microphone for increasing the audio quality of these incredible tutorials.

Keep up the good work!


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That’s very helpful Victor. Takes the mystery out of it. Thanks for doing that!

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