Adalo's email verification component

In the help docs, under “Does Adalo support Email Verification?,” it states:

Yes, we have a component in the marketplace that achieves this! This can also be achieved through our Zapier integration.

There is the Email Validator component from Zeroqode, but that is not email verification.

I am aware of how to accomplish this using custom actions or Zapier, but where is the Adalo component?

Screenshot of all current components in the Marketplace↗

For “email verification” Adalo intends that the email format is correct.

If you need a complete tutorial on how to do email verification with SendGrid (my opinion, the best one), I share with you a tutorial I made a couple of weeks ago.

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Hey @montetennis :wave: Yes, I saw that recently. Thank you so much for sharing!

If Adalo is indeed conflating email validation with email verification, then that definitely needs to be corrected in the documentation.

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