Employee geolocations app

Hi, I’m making an app where I can see the location of my employees, they have a route to take and every time they reach the destination they click and see the location if it’s real or not… is there a way to do the geolocation in adalo? and that the OK button appears if they are in the place

Hello @Santiago ! PragmaFlow have some great components including geolocation. You can check it out here PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

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Hi @Santiago,

Most probably “native” Adalo geolocation will become available quite soon. Beta functionality is already enabled for certain users. You can have a look at the documentation to see what you can expect: Location - Adalo Resources


Great, I was just watching that one and I downloaded the components, I hope it works well for me

Wow this is great, I hope it’s available as soon as possible, it’s very important!

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How do you get there current location all the time

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