Hello) can i use geolocation of all users in my app?

i want to put all users an google map, that everybody can see location of another users. its possible in adalo ?

Do you have the PragmaFlow geolocation components installed in your organization? If so, yes. If no, can you install the geolocation components yourself? If so, yes.


where i can get it ?

You can install it manually from here

Some help can be hound here


Something go wrong
do you now what it can be ?

Hi @AndrewMan,

You need to download and install NodeJS first.
Also it could be useful to have a look at developer docs: Introduction | Adalo

Best regards, Victor.


Victor, hi! thank you for help! now a have Node and gave another error. Do you now my next step ?

@AndrewMan when I was playing with this, I just downloaded the zip file from GitHub (didn’t use git clone), unpacked it, and then run the installation commands according to the readme file.

Best regards, Victor.

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i did all what was in readme file

@AndrewMan please have a look here:

Fail to publish · Issue #2 · pragmaflowinc/adalo-geolocation · GitHub - for me renaming “name” field helped.

Also I’d advice to have a look at this topic Two GeoFilteredList · Issue #4 · pragmaflowinc/adalo-geolocation · GitHub as well - to be sure that you won’t get 2 similar components.


to change name , you mean this name ?

We are back online, you can install it from our marketplace

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