Home Screen conditions always fail after "resuming" (close and open again) the App (iOS and Android)

When the user accesses my Home Screen it performs some verification and links the user to other screens based on the results. So, If I open the app with the not logged-in user I can log in and once the Home Screen opens it performs the verification and works just fine… BUT. If I close the app (kill the process) and Resume it (open it again) The Home screen ignores the verifications and performs the first action WITHOUT the conditional. It ignores the conditional I added. I don’t know if it also happens with other screens since logged-in users will always be sent to the Home Screen when resuming the app.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 02.49.30

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I also tried this on my app, but I think it just doesn’t work. Probably because it is the first page or so

Is this an iOS app? I’ve had an app that wouldn’t follow through some visibility rules I set on the Home Screen and am experiencing similar issues as you are.

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