Entire database wiped

My client wanted to Zoom me just now to address not being able to log in to their app…by the time I got on the meeting, it was back up…I was sweating bullets because I didn’t want to tell them that the SaSS platform I told them to use and build their business on went down. Now, I’m going live in fear until the next time. :joy::flushed::sob: I’m not sure how to feel about this.

Is anyone else rethinking their steps forward???

ITS FIXED!!! Great job Adalo!!

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I have a food delivery app, I lost more than 500$ for this problem, I want to make up for it this second time since one month

If it’s any consolation I have a booking system used daily by a gym in Sweden, 500 daily users booking into A LOT of gym classes etc - it was launched in January and most of the time outages are only a few minutes max … moral of the story, I have not had the client onto me since then with any issues of stability.

I also have another personal app with around 9k users where they manage teams, bookings, tournaments, and in truth same scenario, very stable.

A lot of platforms go down, even the best.

Outages happen, but I’m glad there’s a team behind Adalo working to resolve them as quickly as possible, as a small company there’s no way I could resolve an outage as quickly as Adalo does had I have used my own servers.

I felt the same when moving to Adalo, but now I have trust in the platform for most things.


I just want to let you know that Adalo keeps a backup of your database for 7 days so no need to worry, your data will never be gone forever.


Thanks for your reply…I love Adalo and what it has allowed me to be able to do. Your response has definitely made me feel so much better. This community is super amazing too.


Thanks for this information…My stress levels went from level 95 to like 5…thanks!!! This community is super helpful and cool to be a part of.


For future reference, when all databases go to zero in this way, it’s typically a connection error and not the data actually being gone.

However, safe practices are - don’t attempt to change / update / remove / add or otherwise do anything with the data while it’s lacking a connection. This could - in some chances - cause conflicts where data in one place does not match the other. One will have to overwrite the other. This depends on the way the actual data is handled on the client (desktop/mobile app) side when a connection is down.

Also, please be sure that if you have a large number of users - that you are regularly downloading backups of your app data and databases.

At a minimum, weekly.

This can be useful if you happen to somehow wipe your own database, if you wipe your data & lose your database structure (columns would be in your backups which could help you build out the structure again). Etc.

Adalo should offer a way for users to download copies of their app and app data in some way that - even if you can’t take the app elsewhere, would allow it to be restored to the Adalo servers without having to rebuild everything. - Like photoshop does with their software, etc.

But you can manually download your databases every week (middle of the week, example, if that’s your low traffic time).

It will give you peace of mind like you wouldn’t believe.

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Btw, if somehow, you accidentally deleted your entire database/collection, you can submit a support ticket with the time when you deleted it and Adalo will restore it for you. (it will take a couple hours to restore)

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A little off topic, but any idea how Adalo’s infrastructure “reacts” if there’s any DDos or any malicous attempt on my app like SQL Injection etc?
Any advice for preventing these types of breaches for a app made with Adalo (including databases in Adalo)?

Yeah I don’t really know because I don’t work at Adalo. Maybe @barrettnash might know.

Haha you’re asking above my paygrade! Add it to the questions for townhall!

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Hi, Is there a way to download the Db/All collections? and does that include images in the tables?

You can download the csv for each table. The images are stored on imgix rather than Adalo itself. There’s no way to autodownload them out of the box.

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