All data has been deleted from the database

Dear Adalo Developers. Today I went to my applications to continue working on them and found that all information from the database was zeroed out. Absolutely all records from all collections have disappeared. And this happened on ALL applications created or being created. I want to ask you - what is it and what imaginary stability of Adalo operation can be expected if such things happen??? I recently paid for a starter pack and what do I get as a result? Deleted entries from all app collections! Can you explain it somehow?

The same thing in my app as well.
And others in social complain about this serious problem.

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These are the kind of things that really hurt our business. Right now our operations have literally stopped. Waiting for the resolution from Adalo. Kind of thing that makes you think about moving out of Adalo when you get a glimpse of success with your business. Hope they fix it ASAP.

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I sadly note for myself that these guys do not learn anything. So many technical problems in a short period of time only means that this service is still too raw, too weak for this kind of task.

Hello Buddies,

Let’s keep this on a one topic so that we all can track that easily! : All data disappered

By the way this should be fixed now! : Service Interruption — September 18, 2022 - #9 by adalojosh

Thank you