Error with Marketplace payment with stripe sales mode

Marketplace payment with stripe sales mode,
Error message with all the cards, I have already uninstalled and installed the stripe but same result.
erreur stripe
thank you in advance

@Ben , @Colin Please have you any answer ?

Have you put it in test mode and tried it with the test cards?

Also, make sure you’re in a market that’s supported by Stripe and your account is fully approved.

For the test mode everything works fine,
as soon as I switch to normal non-test '' mode the payment does not work at all, the same error message comes up each time with any type of normal non-test ‘’ payment card
stripe is well configured
erreur stripe

Im from France ,

according to French law we have the right to have marketplaces, I think you have to dig on your part on the stripe module, because it is not logical that the test version works and the real mode does not work
please help me

I would contact Stripe for support, it appears the bug is on their end (as the test version is working).

I would double check you’ve completed all of the required steps to receive payment. In France it would be different than the requirements in the US.

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thank you
I look your return impatiently

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