Problem with the stripe in the payment

Anyone know why the stripe problem when making the payment? i tried to pay in test mode, i used the test keys that stripe offers, i used the test cards that stripe offers too, but it doesn’t work. I tried to test without being in test mode, I used my own card, but it doesn’t work either, does anyone know how to solve this?
below I left a print of an example, in what appears in test mode.

Hi Trov. As the error stated, you tried to use a test card details in live mode. I would suggest trying a new order, in live mode and use a real card and see if that works.

I managed to test in test mode and somehow it works, now I went to test in real mode and it’s not working, the message appears that it’s in the print, then I tried in test mode again and it’s not working.

Could you please check the Stripe logs and see what explanation it gives for the error?

Also worth looking at this thread to see if it can help Stripe error: "An unknown error occurred" - #12 by audiorush

I couldn’t find in the stripe where you talk about this error, I visited the topic you mentioned and it seems that according to the conversations in the topic the problem was not resolved.

I didn’t understand why it works in a moment and then it stopped working. I’m trying with my own card in the real test and it doesn’t want to work at all, this warning strip is still showing. I believe this is an Adalo bug with Stripe

Hi Trov, I would recommend looking here, scroll to the section names ‘monitoring your integration’. This will tell you where you can look at your error logs on your Stripe dashboard and get a better idea of what the error is. This will help you determine if it is an Adalo or Stripe related error.

would it be this?

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Correct, these are the logs you need to see. With the log on the right of the screen, could you please scroll down so we can see the full log, copy it, translate it from Portuguese using google translate and post it here please.

Okay. I just sent a help request to Stripe support to see if they can help too.

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all errors that point are ‘‘card_declined’’

Could it be that the card you are using is registered with Stripe as a potential test card? Do you have another card to test?

I got the test cards from this stripe site

Have you tried any of the other test cards that they offer?

unfortunately I don’t know where to find these other cards, I don’t know where else they offer

You can find the international cards and different testing scenarios by clicking here and reading below I would recommend testing various card numbers and see what results you receive. What country are you testing this from by the way?

I’m testing from Brazil

But I also wanted to know if I can solve the problem with the real card, because when I use my real card it doesn’t work either, I don’t know why.