Error showing in links - 2 days wasted!

hi all, I am getting an error message for every link in the action button in the app. It has been frustratingly difficult to make any progress since 2 days. And I have had no reply from @Ben @ashley @jeremy
Anyone else face this problem? Any solutions?

Hey Arun try to clear your temp cookies of browser or of Adalo & restart your browser, it may work.

@ishantanusrivastava Well, I think I did that some 50 times in 2 days. Nothing changed. At least as of now only the form field buttons are showing error. Most other links are restored. Hope the Adalo team sorts this one out soon enough.

@Arun we are working on this “bug”, we appreciate you letting us know when/where it occurred as its one that we can’t recreate as we put together the issues and where it’s happening we can start to make headway. I know @jeremy is focused on it. I have found in some cases recreating the component or copy/pasting it has worked.

hi @ashley, I have clicked through various combinations of links (obviously outside the preview mode) and it turns out that it is the sign up page where the ‘error’ first appears.

By links I mean every button/dropdown/text/list that has a connected action. I have organised the pages into 2 rows. Top row contains all the forms (as user builds profile) and the bottom row contains the engagement pages where user finds other users, chats etc.

a. I first refresh the browser and start checking the links on each page I’ve built
b. I am outside the preview mode and click on each link in each page in the second row initially. Every link is active and working.
c. I then click on the ‘welcome’ page and ‘login page’, the links are active and working.
d. I then click on the ‘sign up’ page and the link shows an error.
e. After this stage, every other link on all the pages (even the ones already clicked in stages a-c above) now show an error.

So it looks like the ‘sign up’ page and other form fields I use to create user profile are the problem.
I didn’t think of recreating those pages as it appears to be a bug which could crop up again.
I will recreate those pages again if you think it is easier short term fix.

I think it will be a good fix in the short term, but it’s not the ideal situation in general. This breakdown of what you’ve done though is very helpful. Thank you! @jeremy

Hey @Arun I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues. I believe once that error occurs, you’ll need to click off (deselect) the link before that screen will clear the error. Currently clicking different links will not clear the error. We will look at this, though, and try and figure out what’s going on here.

I got that same error, but only for screens I copied from another app, it was fine for screens I built in my app directly.

I copied a few screens from one of the templates and got this error, so I rebuild the components using the other app open in another tab.

@ashley thanks, will re-do the page.
@jeremy just to confirm, I wasn’t clicking different links to clear the error but to investigate where it originates and evidently it is the sign up page. So I’ll re-do it today and hope it doesn’t reappear.
@Schelle Thanks for the input. Yes, my sign up screen is a template too. So I’m re-doing it today.

I’ve been having the same errors with when I try to use any magic text for any type of action, whether it’s for a button or for an image

What is the short-term solution for it? And would appreciate if we could know how to fix it permanently