ETL Issue Between Webhook & Adalo Using Integromat (Make)

I’m having what I think is an ETL issue between Make and Adalo. I’m using a webhook to receive data from a payment processor, which should in theory create a record in Adalo. However, I suspect that I need to either add in a delay between receiving the webhook data and sending the payload to Adalo to create a record. Or maybe I need to transform the data in a way that makes it consumable by Adalo’s API to POST the record. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Here’s a screenshot of my current scenario. The raw data coming in from the webhook is being mapped to appropriated fields so I can POST record but for some reason, the payload isn’t being written to the database. Any suggestions?

Hey @OP_AD,

I did similar things 1000s of times and everything worked perfectly, no delays were needed.

How did you set up your Adalo Add record module?
Does it returns any errors when you’re doing the test run?
How does raw data look like (I mean if you download Input and Output bundles for this module)?
Did you try to add the record manually with Postman?


Thanks for taking a look at this, Victor.

  1. For Adalo I’m doing a POST. Shared App ID, Collection ID, and API key.
  2. No errors. Shows a successful payload (returns 200). Although it’s hard to trust Make they will return success at times when POST actions actually don’t work.
  3. Raw data comes through fine from webhook but payload doesn’t write to POST record.
  4. Great question. I used Postman to validate the connection to the database but not manually add a record.

Hi @OP_AD,

As I understand from your screenshot the record IS created in Adalo, but with empty content. Then, logically thinking, there is a problem either with the Adalo Add record module setup, or the data isn’t received by webhook.
As I see your Input bundle is empty, which is not correct. Here is the example from my other scenario:

On this screenshot you can see that input bundles contain all the info which needs to be sent to Adalo.
So it’s worthwhile to check the setup of your Adalo module in the scenario.


Thanks, Victor. Yep, there’s definitely an issue with my input bundle. I’ll take another look at the Adalo module. Thanks for the help.

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Hi @Victor, I finally was able to get it to work. Instead of using the POST record feature in Make, I went with the “make an API call” module. I Ignored the step to add the URL endpoint since it was redundant and passed my payload on in the body of the POST message. Works like a charm now! Thanks again for taking a look at it. There may indeed be a bug on Make’s side but glad there’s a hack to address.

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