Make/Integromat Webhook works sometimes

Hello all,

I have a webhook integrated with make/integromat and it looks like this:

I have noticed that whether this webhook will trigger or not depends on the length of the “gift message” text. If it is short, webhook will be triggerd but if it is maybe 100+ characters, it wont be triggered.

Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?



@Victor - You wrote the book on this i.e. build a course on it. Have to come across this? Any fixes?

I thought it might be related to the size (5 MB webhook limitation) but the entire bundle is <5 KB.

In fact I noticed that nothing that has been processed by Make is over 5 KB.

Hey @crystalball,

I didn’t build any course / write any book about this, but I have some experience.

Usually this problem is caused by the JSON content. In your case the most probably it is a gift message, but could be another content as well.


Thanks Victor. I was talking about this course on custom actions :slight_smile:

(Custom Actions)

It is 100% the gift message. I have tested and when I write 1-2 lines it is fine. Anything more than that it doesnt work. The size of the JSON package is tiny 4-5KB (in Make) as compared to the suggested 5 MB.

I dont have to send the whole text to Make but I also dont have a way to take the 10-12 lines and trim them to just 20-30 characters in Adalo.

Any ideas there?

Hey @crystalball,

Well, to avoid payload issues in Custom actions in Adalo, I usually do the following: instead of sending all the payload from Adalo to Make directly, I simply “ping” a webhook, and then get all the required info from Adalo collection in Make scenario.
This will require having a unique manually-created ID for the record you’re passing to Make, an extra step of “List Records” in Make scenario and a filter after that (unique ID received from a webhook equals to the unique ID from List Records).
An extra step and scenario working time - but you’re sure you get the contents directly from the DB.

Or, you can try to copy the welcome message into the custom action setup and see if it works from there. I don’t believe the problem is with the size - in my opinion it is the content itself which is the cause.
By the way, if you open the error console, you may find some clues about what’s happening. Usually you can see the error messages from custom actions server.
Adalo app doesn’t contact 3rd party APIs by itself, all custom actions are executed on a specific server; so sometimes it returns some info about errors. Most common it is 500 but it may contain more info :slight_smile:


@Victor - Thank you for that suggestion.

This was exactly the solution I was looking for and it worked perfectly.

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