How to create an Invite list?


I’ve created a list of users and added a button to select and deselect each user. However I can’t link the select icon to create the function where

the icon will show not selected when the user is not in the event and the other icon below will show selected when the user is already in the event.

There seems to be a database issue with mine as it won’t let me choose to be some times visible when logged in user > Events CONTAINS current user > Event.

I have a user database and a event databsed relationship linked.

But simply i just wnat to be able to show list of users you follow, select which ones u want to invite to an event. Selecting them and then submit to update users to that event

Hi @zynlan ,

You might create invited collection to store invited users, check with count=0 for user is not invited, check count>0 for invited.

Then, you can use this collection as list.