Every time I press on "star rating" component a new record is created

I have installed the “Star rating” component and I added it to a modal screen with a button at the bottom.

I set the click action of the “star rating” component to create a record and as a result every click results in a new line.

I tried to set the click action of the button to create the record was not able to find the “rating” component as the source for the magic action so I can use it’s value to create the record.

What can I do to have the “button” to create the record with the rating value when clicked?

I think I understand what you’re asking, and I believe this is similar to what I ran into. There may be a better solution, but how I did it was this: i created the record once the user presses the button to transition to the star rating modal. In my case, it was a review. So user presses “create review” and that creates the record AND transitions to the page with the star rating and text input field to give review details. So now, the star component can update current review rating and upon clicking the “done” button on the modal page, the current review is updated with the rating from the star component…so no matter how many times the user switches their rating, its not set in stone until they press “done” and that action is an update action rather than a create action.

Thank you for your reply,
I tried doing as you said.
The problem is I can not find the star rating component in the magic input menu.
I tried it using a form and using input boxes but in both tires the “star rating” component was not visible in the menu.

So you won’t find the star component as a magic input from a form…instead you configure the star component and tell it want you want it to update.

In my case, my reviews fall under a collection called “Activities”. Each activity has a numeric field called “Rating Value”. I placed the star component on the same page as the review form, but I didn’t configure the star component as a magic input on form submission. Since the star component is set up to update whatever is the current review (remember: I create a new record upon pressing the button leading to the form), once I hit “post” on the form, all information updates the current review at once, instead of creating a new record.

If you don’t start the new record before getting to the star component, the star component can only create a new item…it can not update something that isn’t there.

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Thank you very much it worked. :+1:

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