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Hi all,

I am trying to use the new Start rating component from Market-Place, but I am struggling on how to use it.

I want this component to set the value like “Other components” option, and my new input form could get the value from this Start rating component. But while creating the form, I realized that this star Rating componenet does not apear in “other compoenent” list. Hence becomes useless for my desired use-case.

Plus the option currently available with this component, can only set properties for a logged in user. That is not so useful. I am thinking to use drop-down menu instead for rating requirements.

Any help from Adalo members is greately appreciated.

If you want to use the rating in a text input. you need to update a user property, and gives that input a default value of that updated property

Hi, I don’t understand well what you are trying to do. In order to get the Star Rating working, you have to setup a “Rating” numeric property in that collection, in relation with Users
Then to retrieve the average rating for an item , use a custom formula like this :
Current Item - (Rating Sum) / n. of users
Once you click on Star Rating, do a double update action - Add Logged in User to Current Item - Ratings

Is that helpful?
If you need more help let me know, i can build a sample preview

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