Excel spreadsheet upload for merchants

I want merchants to be able to upload a list of items using an excel spreadsheet so they don’t have to add items/services individually. Is this possible?

This is not currently possible natively in Adalo but I’m certain you could find an external service that you could feed the file through and then the collections API to create those records in Adalo.

Do you think Zapier would be able help?

Email them to Parabola. Give each user a code or something to put in the subject. Read that in from Adalo (or airtable etc) to find what the merchant is.

Then use the Adalo API to add the records.

I’m sorry I don’t completely understand, what do you mean "read that in from "

Parabola has the ability to do API calls to Adalo.

So as long as you have a column in the csv that you can use to look up the merchant record in Adalo then you should be able to take each row on the input, look up the id of the record and insert the row and update the merchant table as well.

That would be the way to associate the items with the merchant that has sent the csv.

Not super easy. And you might burn through some credits, but that is one solution.