Excel/XLS File Uploader


I am interested in using Adalo to build an idea I have, but first a question about it’s capability.

I’m looking to build an app where a user can import a xls file (excel) to my service where I would then take that data and display it in a dashboard. I would need to be able to allow the user to import their xls file, read the data from their xls file, and then map to UI elements on the screen. Possibly perform some calculations as well.

Is this possible in Adalo?

One potential complication is the user generating these xls files could be doing so from multiple 3rd parties, meaning the XLS files could be in different formats. I would need to be able to have the user tell me what service they are using, and normalize that data before populating the UI.


~ Rob

This is something that would be best achieved through using the Adalo Internal API and connecting that through a 3rd party API integration service such as Zapier or Integromat.

Hi Colin. @Colin

I’m not sure what you mean here. I was looking to send an excel file to airtable for processing, then have it send back data through the API.

How would i do so through zapier?

You can do it directly or through zapier. zapier has an integration with Airtable and Excel.

I am unable to upload excel files under a collection. Only image files are allowed. Any idea how to upload this?

Can you give some details on exactly what you are trying to do and how you are trying to currently do it.

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