What apps would benefit from API-powered spreadsheet calculations?

Disclaimer: I work at Sparklite that converts spreadsheet formulas/logic into API.


Ever had a moment while building in Adalo where you went —

Aaah! Wish I could import everything that my sheet* does inside this app :grimacing:

That’s it. That’s the question!

*not to be confused with having a “spreadsheet-as-a-database”. This is more to do with the formulas and the logic or the workflow that folks build within Excel and wish to see that being transformed into an app.

The long version

Heyo peeps :wave:t4:

I recently got to explore Adalo at length and since it was for work, got me thinking more about our value prop as a whole in conjunction to app builder tools (like Adalo).

Some context :scroll:

We constantly ask ourselves if —

  1. Is what we’re building a big enough problem statement?
    • Sure, we’re solving for a pretty niche segment but are there areas that we haven’t explored yet
  2. Who’d benefit most from a solution like ours?
    • We have seen it grow in some communities but does the same approach work with others as well
  3. Do people really care?
    • Does it move the needle for even those who may have some need for what we’ve got to offer

Why post this :thinking:

At first glance, this looked like a very well engaged and welcoming community and so I figured it might be worth opening-up a conversation with people who — obviously — have had much more experience than me when building with No Code tools (like Adalo).

:point_down:t4: :point_down:t4: :point_down:t4:

Hoping to hear from folks who either themselves have or know someone who might’ve had that moment where they wished what they’ve built on their spreadsheets (or have known that it could be easier done there) could’ve instantly been imported on their Adalo (or any other) app.