Preparing App for Sudden Users Increase

Hi. I’m in contact with a couple of influencers to partner with to promote my app but I’m concerned about how performance may be affected with a sudden increase in users.

My app is a social media type, so it’s heavily based on image sharing.

Do you guys have any advice on how to better manage this?
How risky is it to do this with an app fully based on Adalo?


Hey Afonso,

I have a similar story having a spike (+2k) in users in around 24 hrs. From what I’ve seen, it throttles the loading of feeds though its not at a point where its cumbersome to the user. It takes no more than 2+ seconds of normal load time. Other than that, everything works the same. I would check your APIs though and see the max amount of calls you can make per second/min, if you’re using them.

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Hi @aletorre ,

I’m working with just the Adalo database.

Some of the people I’m talking with to promote the app have >100k followers, so I’m wondering if it’s not too much for the app’s performance.
Probably considering creating an access code for every 1000 users so I can better manage this…

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