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Hi, if im teaming up with an expert is there a payment process or a thing I have to do to make sure that I dont get money stolen and the job is done accurately? Thanks!

Here is a tip wait make expert do his work in non cloneable app and then if you like it pay him and ask him to give you the app, if any of expert scams you message support or even message adalo leaders here, but don’t worry none of experts are scammers.

Hi @Jrs8!

There is a great recent blog post about the process of working with an Adalo Expert!

We don’t handle any of the payment processing, that is al done directly between you and the Expert, but there are certainly some best practices here!

We also do review every Maker that is listed on our Experts page to ensure that they are real people, have experience working in Adalo, and are showing a high quality level of work completed and ability. So there should be no instances of an Expert out right attempting to take money from you.

Always be sure to have your expectations in writing for both parties!

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Hi Jrs8,

Definitely refer check out what @ben1 has shared, I think it answers a lot of the issues.

As an expert, I’d like to share - it’s a two way street. No experts are “scamming” people. We do this for a living, not one of transactions and we genuinely want to help (hence why we answer questions for free in the forum).

I’d recommend ensuring you’re clear and up front about what you want/need and write that in a contract. Pay a portion of the contract up front and the remainder on delivery.

We normally charge between 30-50% up front and the remainder prior to delivery.

Again, emphasis on being clear about objectives so both sides know what to expect.

Hope that helps,

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