Billing Information

Hi, I need help with billing on this platform, specifically with payment options and with Adalo experts (this is not related to the app I’m building, but rather with Adalo subscription and Adalo experts).

I need to clarify this because I am using grant money and need to make sure that I have proper verification and receipts for all transactions. Could someone please clarify these questions I have?

  1. Can I do 1 transaction, with 1 official receipt for a 6 month Adalo license?
  2. If I cannot do 1 transaction, for each monthly billing, will a receipt be sent to my email for the transaction?
  3. How does the payment work for Adalo Experts? Is it through the Adalo app? Is it directly done with the respective expert? What are the payment methods for these experts?

All in all, I just need to ensure that anytime I have a transaction with Adalo or an Adalo expert that I receive confirmation of the amount, why and who the money is going to be sent to.

Thank you for your help!

  1. No, we do not do a 6-month license.
  2. A receipt is not directly sent to anyone right now, unfortunately, but we are more than happy to send you receipts upon request. You will just need to send in a ticket (Submit a Support Ticket) and select billing and we’ll be able to send it.
  3. Adalo Experts are handled outside of Adalo. The money is transferred to them. We just offer a place for them to be listed for exposure. I would suggest working with our verified Experts (Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies) listed on that page. They will be able to provide a receipt for their work.

As to your overall concern, this is definitely possible for the Adalo side. As to the Experts, you will just need to communicate with them to get a receipt for completed work.


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