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Hello! I’m creating an app for finding local restaurants. I already created two screens for different accounts (users and restaurants), and now I’m creating a screen for restaurant accounts to upload a profile picture (logo), a short description and classify their establishment into one or more categories from a chip list.
Problem is, I have watched a lot of tutorials but I still don’t get how to configure this so anything that the user chooses from the categories list actually goes registered with their account. Same thing goes for the description and profile pic. Keep in mind that I’m using the free version of Adalo.

Here are some screenshots:

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From which screen you come to this screen? Is it after the Signup screen?

Does the user can choose one category or many categories? You would need a relationship between the Users collection and the Categories collection and in the chip list you can add a update logged in user action that adds current category to that created relationship.

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This screen is the third one. First I ask if the user is a person or a restaurant, then I have two different sign-up screens for each. After this, there is this screen with the chip list for categories with a many-to-many relationship to the restaurant database. I also created a relationship between users and restaurants, so some users will have restaurants and some won’t.
Do I need a button in this list, or just by the user selecting something it will already get recorded? I feel like there is action in this list missing, I just didn’t get how to set it.

Awesome! Your setup is cool! Now you need to store the selected categories right? For that you need to create a relationship between the Users collection and the Categories collection and in the chip list add a update logged in user action and in there populate that property with add current category.

Let us know how it goes!

I tested it and none of the categories got registered when creating accounts. Also, nothing happens when I click on the items inside the list…
Oh, and I tried to link the update action to the restaurant to see if that was the problem, and this (last pic) happened lol
This is how it looks right now and what I got when trying to create a few accounts:

Did you create a relationship between the Users collection and the Categories collection? Can you add some screenshots of the Users collection and the Categories collection?

I tried both with and without the relationship to users, but got the same result.
Was I supposed to create a button to this list, or at least something to happen when I click on the list items? (I clicked in it in this screenshot, but nothing happens). I tried to create a button for it but I couldn’t find out how to link it to the list.


Can you show a screenshot of the action that you added for the chip list now?

If you like you can give me access for your app and I’ll check this. ( Gear icon on left in the editor and app access section and add this email : )

I couldn’t find this option, only to add you as a team member but that’s exclusive to premium accounts. But I posted a pic of it before, this one:

In your action you are updating the category again with that category name. You don’t need that. Delete that action and add a Update Logged in user action and for the many to many relationship created between the categories collection populate that property with Add Current Category. And try again!

Ok it does make more sense hahah
I did it, but the list still doesn’t work… I don’t know if this helps, but here is the link to test my app: Teste

Hello, I made many marketplaces and order apps… I’ll tell you how I would do it… simpler


  1. Types of business
  2. Users
  3. Product category
  4. Products
  5. Orders
  6. Order items
  7. Business


  • A user can have a business
  • A business can have many types of businesses
  • A business can have many product categories
  • A product corresponds to a business
  • An order corresponds to the user who makes the order
  • An order corresponds to a business

How to charge a business
First, do you create the users and decide your business? If then you go to a screen where you create the data of the business, Name, logo, location, telephone, networks, etc… that business corresponds to the logged in user.

Second step
Select business type: in a list of business types with a true or false button … if you press update current business type > add current business

Third step:
Create product categories
The category name form and if you want a photo, category corresponds to logged in user /business

Fourth step
create items
You create a product form and add the product categories, they must be filtered as categories of the logged in user, select the category and complete the product data

Soon I will be releasing some TEMPLATES so you can buy and edit

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Hi @Iris,

Could you make this app as clonable?

Thank you

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Here: Teste

Thanks for the help btw

Thanks @Iris!

I just cloned and seems like it’s working! I created a new account and selected Low Crab and I opened the Users collection and for my Categories that Low Crab is selected.

Could you try again? : Teste Clone

I tried it in your clone, did it work over there? I tried mine again and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I tried and checked my database and the selected categories are stored in the relationship property. You can check that by cloning the app in your end.

Or do you want something like that show a border for the category that user selects and also store that in the relationship property?

I found out what happened. The data for categories was being stored only on users, not on restaurants. I don’t know why that happens or how to solve it but this isn’t a major problem, I guess.
But now I have another problem. I need to use these categories that I created as a filter for displaying specific categories of restaurants. But I’m stuck in a loop here, I can only select all categories at once…

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