Get a value from airtable and display it to current list

How to get a value from Airtable by passing an id from Adalo. The list holds all the data from Adalo database, only 1 value that I retrieve will be added to that list

Can you please help me on this ticket @Colin

Details- I am displaying the entire list from the Adalo database and there’s a single value i want from Airtable.
For that, I want to pass a parameter (an element of that list) to Airtable and retrieve that data point.
Please help me on how can I achieve that

I’m afraid I still do not fully grasp what you are trying to achieve here. Could you create some visuals to explain it better to me?

No problem @Colin I am anyways looking to shift my database from Adalo to airtable since I didn’t like to visual of Adalo database (I want to see all the table in one screen) because I have more of relationships type of setup in the database
Thanks for getting back :slight_smile:

Hi @Deepakjain the only way to show a single piece of data is to either:

  1. Show a list of those records that only shows a maxRecords of 1 that is also filtered in some way
  2. Link to a page by clicking on an item in that list to display the “Current Airtable Record”'s info
  3. Pass the recordID as a part of the airtable URL in a Custom Action:
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Thanks, @pfordmedia for the help. I Appreciate your response @Colin but I think I was not able to explain well @Colin

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