Suggested workflow to generate custom PNG or JPG

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I need use to magic text from a collection in my Adalo DB to generate an image preview for my users. Any thoughts on how to do this? I will have a template file. I’m assuming there is an image editing Zap which would then Update a Record in my Adalo collection. I just don’t know any image editors which would allow for the overlay/insertion of text via Zapier.

So I collect the input on Adalo, which upon submit creates a new record, the Zap searches for a new record in this collection, then uses the image editing app to insert the previously collected text into the image, saves the image, and uploads the new image into the Adalo collection used in the first step of the Zap?

thanks all you smart people!

If you’re willing to pay for it, here’s the best one I came across recently!

You can design templates in it, pass the text you will receive the image url in return.

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This looks like exactly what I need. Will test out and report back, thanks!

@bhanu I was able to get an image generated, but can’t figure out how to access the URL for display in my Adalo app. I guess on completion of my Adalo custom action, the image is “pending” for a few seconds until marked “completed”.

The instructions say to “Poll the GET endpoint” to get the URL and I don’t know how to do this. I suspect it’s not a long term solution anyways, as they will provide hosting up to 20GB. The preferred solution is to define a web hook to which BannerBear can post the image once rendering is complete.

Any thoughts on where I can host the resulting images economically and easily define/obtain webhooks?

UPDATE: Sorry, didn’t read the API documentation carefully enough. The ‘self’ property allows me to grab the image_url. Figured it out. BUT, still need a long term image hosting solution.

The platform has a no-code integration with Airtable, what you can do is trigger the call from Adalo and get the result posted into your Airtable to host permanently.

Bannerbear provides 2 urls: 1 hosted url, and the 2nd one is downloadable jpg url which you can use to directly download the image to location of your choice.

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