Better Deep Linking

Better deep linking

We updated the deep linking component and released it to the marketplace. This will allow you to deep link to any page within your application. This works on Native only, not PWA.

You can install it here: PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

GitHub: GitHub - pragmaflowinc/adalo-deepish-linking: A deep-ish linking component built for Adalo

Video: Better Deep Linking - YouTube


This component is very good, I had downloaded it when it was available, but when I want to use it, it doesn’t exist, does it stop working? do you have to install it from github?

If you follow the tutorial here PragmaFlow Adalo Marketplace - YouTube, We have had issues with our marketplace but Adalo is working on correcting it, so yes you might be better to install it through Github.

Very good, luckily I downloaded several that had been uploaded to your marketplace, I will test if it comes out is that I do not know how to program but seeing the tutorials I calculate that it will come out! Thank you for everything they do! they are geniuses

I had the deep linking previously installed, but now I get an error when I try to add it, I assume related to the marketplace change? But I have the native contacts installed which seems to work without error…

Assume it doesn’t work anymore, how do I remove a private component?

We are back online. I’ll test it out and see what the issue could be

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This is the error
Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 7.50.13 PM

When I go to your marketplace, it shows as installed already. So not sure how to get it working again… Thanks!

very curious, HOWEVER, I was working on an audio recorder this morning and I noticed that Adalo has changed the way “formValues” works and some other items.

Good news, I just tested it myself now and I get the same thing. I will fix that up possibly tonight, if not tomorrow by mid-day eastern time and ping you back.

Thanks for the report. I will need to retest all my other components and see what else is broken due to recent changes…

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Refresh the page (if you still have it open) and try agian. I think I got it fixed up

Seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for great component!

I wonder is it possible to navigate to certain app page with deep link from a webview adalo component?

I have a 3-d party payment provider which is acessed through webview and after payment success or fail I would like to navigate to certain App pages using Pragmaflow Deep link component.

Looking forward to your answer! Thanks in advance!

Hmm… I am not sure, that would need to be tested. Normally with a webview we have access to the linking command so anytime the user clicks a link we can take an action and decide if we navigate, block the navigation, or change screens. The Adalo standard webview does not give this thought. Give it a try and let me know if it works.

I have tried, it does not work, error occurs (There is no such page) butI have tested it in PWA mode and also with no custom domain.

Do I need a custom domain and published app in order to correctly use deep links?

No, that won’t work. You need a custom webview component. I was making one but abandoned, I’ll try to get it today.

wow, that would be so kind of you if you can make smth like that!
You will literally change the game, because deep link navigation from webview is so convinient for implementing 3-d party payment providers…

Hi Eric,

I posted the component you need on our marketplace right now it is the last item called Better WebView, for your use case, what you want to do is select “What would you like to show” and set it to URL and put in whatever you put in for your payment, then make a new action for the Check which link was clicked that will send the user to the success or fail screen in your app but checking if the URL is what you expected. I think this will solve your problem, but it is hard to know for sure without the specific details.

Wow! Thanks a lot for your work!
I will try it and write you back but as far as I can see it fits perfectly for my needs!

I have tried it and it is perfect! Thanks a lot for your time and all that you do for Adalo community support! You guys are the best!

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If you feel up to it, no obligations, feel like putting a new post in resources and tutorials about what it is you did? Maybe with non-sensitive information. I get the sense whatever problem you solved might be useful to someone else in the community. Like I said, no obligations, just a thought.

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Will this work for Stripe checkout page success and failure URL too?