External Collection filter is not working

I am not able to use filters on external collection list. I have an external collection called Organizations which contains fields like name,id and logoUrl and it contains 3 records. However when am trying to filter the collection by name , it is not restricting the data and instead shows all the data.The filter I am using is ({name} = ‘Admin’)
Please can someone help. I have followed the link to set this up but its not working.


Can someone help here please !!

Try removing the brackets and curly brackets and do this. It works for me.


No it doesnot work for me. I have tried that before. I think it is API dependent. I am not using Airtable. I am connecting to graphql API

Unless graphQL has a parameter called filterByFormula, this query won’t work. The filterByFormula param is specific to Airtable.

I have a filter parameter called search in one of my graphql collection but how do i query it? Is there a documentation around it?

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