Filter without duplicates - External Collection

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First of all, sorry for my english (I´m a Spanish speaker).

I´m using Sheetdb for an external collection. One of the columns (Cities) are using like a filter.
The thing is each city appears for each event so here is the problem. The cities are duplicates:

There are any way to exclude duplicates but when select the city in the filter appears all the events of the city selected?

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You could have a cities collection, which does not have duplicates, like a list of ‘city options’. This could be inside Adalo. Just a collection with one property ‘city name’. Then manually populate this list yourself without duplicates.

Then, assuming you’re trying to filter a list, have city name = dropdown city name. As long as the text matches of course.

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You mean: If the city name are the same in the Adalo collection and in the External collection the results of the list will match?

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Yeah exactly, just matching the text from your options list to a field in your main database

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Lets try!

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Sorry for my late reply.
I have solved the problem creating an other external collection only with the “city name”. Without duplicates.

When I select the “city name” in the dropdown all the events matching appears.
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