External collection list going wild

I have an API in Xano and I created an xano external collection with it.

All good. Except when I create an list of this collection.

It creates a list just with the last item. 7 times, because I have 7 different items.

This is the last item.

2 days ago it was giving me the last two items.
Now just the last.

Which is the primary key field?

I do not have a primary key. It is an external API joined with other in Xano.
Works perfectly there, in Xano.

Adalo is expecting an ID field, I think we’ve been to that dance before?

Or are the results nested in the response and you need to specify the key? Or clean out the Xano side so that it can be interpreted by Adalo?

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Yes, it needed a clean id key. I had nore ID keys as is shown in ss, but thoose are composed, line OperatioID.

Thanks a lot!

Cool, glad you got it.
Not sure how Adalo sniffs the ID. I expect it looks for the first integer field, maybe looking for ‘ID’ in the name too. I don’t know if it is sophisticated enough to look for sequential and unique numbers.

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