Xano auth in Adalo

Do you know if Adalo allows using Xano auth as well?
I am a beginner and not sure I understand correctly but it seems that Adalo does not allow external auth although I could use external users tables from Xano instead of Adalo ones (just without tokens from Xano)

To summarize:

  1. Is that possible to integrate Xano?
  2. Is that possible to display backend errors Xano to users on Adalo frontend (e.g. email already exists or input errors like password to short etc etc)

Hi @Lukasz,

Probably @xano and @bhanu could give you an advice - they’re experts in Xano :slight_smile:


Hey @Victor thanks for the shoutout.

@Lukasz yes, authentication is possible with Xano. You can find walkthrough videos in YouTube by Prakash (Xano)

Backend errors are not captured by Adalo at the moment. Since the external collections for auth is still in beta, I believe an update from Adalo should solve this problem. But unsure of the timeline.

cc: @xano


Thank you @Victor and @bhanu !

@Lukasz Yep here’s the video going through authentication:

We know the Adalo team is working hard to make this even better so we’ll keep you posted as we’re able to integrate more closely.