Pros and Cons by using Adalo database or external database

Hi all!

Would anyone explain that the pros and cons of using the Adalo database and external database?

My app-building is pretty lagging recently, I am thinking about using an external database, but it is a new area to me, it seems that an external database is more complicated to link, can anyone talk a bit about his/her experiences about the external database?

Thanks in advance!


I typically prefer to use Adalo’s internal databases for a few reasons:

  1. Filtering and querying data is MUCH easier using Adalo’s internal collections. External collections require sending parameters or using complicated formulas that can break if you change something in the other service (looking at you Airtable).

  2. You’re already paying for the Adalo databases anyway so there’s no need to pay for another service.

That said, I think external databases can be very useful in certain situations. For instance:

  1. Transforming and performing calculations on data in the backend (think Airtable formula fields)

  2. Data redundancy - if you like having a backup of your Adalo data, external collections are the way to go with very little extra work.

  3. Sharing data between different platforms. For instance, if you want to have a Bubble web-app and an Adalo mobile app.

Those are just some quick thoughts. Hope that helps!


Patrick,thank you for your detailed reply!:slight_smile:
your reply is exactly what I want to know.
Indeed, it helped me a lot! :raised_hands::
I will continue use Adalo’s internal database!

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