Store products (+ 1000) externally

Hello, I need some advice, I am finishing the application for a client, it is like an airbnb… an application that will store A LOT of information between users, houses, cars, motorcycles, reservations.

The database has many collections.

Before removing it, what would you do with the storage? Would you use any external backend application? would they load everything and use it as an external collection?

Hello! I don’t want to discourage you, but because of Adalo’s performance I was left unpaid (thousands of euros) for what I worked for. In short, a customer wanted an e-commerce in Adalo, and when 500 products were added, the application could no longer be used. The application was running extremely poorly, and the client refused to pay the last part of the money. (The database was in Xano)

hello, thanks for the answer, I do ecommerce in wordpress easier, here are smaller apps, but this app could only do it for adalo, and now it gave me this question after 30 days of work, users, products, reservations, payments, payment items, product categories, in short… it has many things

Yeah. From my experience, I don’t think Adalo will support so many records. You can try, and here are some tricks that keep the app powerful. If you’d like to tell you feel free to dm me

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