External DB - Create Record in Airtable not Working

Get All is setup properly and fetches the records, but I am having trouble creating records in Airtable. Tried adding ‘records’ as a top level as well.

What are we supposed to do to make the creation of a record work?

@zachbharris Any tips to make the creation of a record work?

I Have the same issue. In my chat impossible to create Airtable record when I respond

How are you attempting to create an Airtable record? I’ve had mixed results with this so far, where it’ll create a record, but not all of the information will pass through.

When I set up the External Collection endpoints, I made sure the Create endpoint was set up with the POST method and Update endpoint was set up with PATCH method, since that is what Airtable requires.

Then, in the screen, I set up a Create Action where it creates the record in Airtable once the user clicks ‘submit’ on the form with all the info I want to pass through. As mentioned above, this creates the record in Airtable, but only with part of the data I’m trying to pass through.

Let me know if you have any better luck!

Hello, now everything work. I don’t know why.

I add this values :

I don’t know if is because of that

This is weird, I can’t seem to make the create form submit to Airtable even with the second header Content-Type…

Found my issue the I have a field that serves as an ID. It won’t work if I try to prefill…

I have exactly the same problem. I am able to list records, update records but not create them.
Anyone know what the issue might be?

Started not working for me today too. Cant update an airtable from the app

@thesandrobrito & @CopyThat are you still experiencing these problems?

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Yes its a big problem. I wont update anything unless all fields are filled out in the update section of adalo