EZAI App - Content Creator (Would love your feedback)

Hey guys, I would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK. Most Apps I create are for clients… but this is my effort at a side hustle. The App is Called EZAI - pronounced Ease Eye… but it doubles up as Easy AI.

I have been working for the last 5-6 months on an app for small businesses to supercharge their social media presence using Ai. It’s very difficult to keep coming up with fresh content and ideas. This app helps the small companies “one man bands” that don’t have the resources of larger companies.

Here’s a demo presentation of the App, not going into every single detail… but a general overview.

Video: Screencastify

App link: https://web.ezai.app/

Snippet Screenshot:

Sign up and make an account, and have a go. I’d really love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

The app is free for 5,000 credits! Note - you will come across bugs and issues… but as I said its not the final product, and some categories dont have any templates yet:)

Please go easy on me, I hate making vidoes posts and hearing myself with my Northern Irish Accent!!! :smiley:


Hello, I finished watching the video, I loved the app, very good design, great integrations and components that you used! many successes bro!!!

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Very cool app :ok_hand:

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Nice one Buddy! Love the home screen and the magic icon makes it more beautiful! :star_struck: :muscle:

Wishing you the best of luck with everything, Keith!

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Thank you guys… v kind words :slight_smile:

Congratulations it looks great and works well too!

Couple of things I noticed. When signing in with Apple we are onboarded each time ie. asked for name and photo even though they are completed previously.

When using the freestyle box I was returned some js code. Will PM you a screen of that.

Watch out Jasper!

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Thanks a lot ! Yes the AI still needs fine tuned a bit, especially the Freestyle :blush::blush: I have set up moderation to prevent certain things coming back but evidently I need to work a little harder on it.

Heheh yes I tried Jasper, actually didn’t like their App but they are top quality for the content :muscle::muscle: just have to spend a good few £ on Paid Ads to make even a ripple in the market :joy::joy:

Muito bom seu aplicativo… Parabéns e sucesso, meu caro!

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