Facing issue with relationships

I have created team and group (Two collections) and i connected both with the users collections (using relationship a team,gorup can have multiple users but a user belong to a group,team)

when i call these records to update such that
As soon as a user click on a group or team (Join Button) the team,group (Members property)

say,for team
Update>Currect Team>Members
Add>logged in user

  • Issue
    Update>Currect Team>members

No Add or Remove option

I started beating around the bush,finally i figured it out as soon as i m using 3rd type of relationship Add and Remove option appears but with another problem that the Currect Team option disappears from the Update(Record)

Help me with that !

Have you tried also using an update logged in user and setting that to the current team. If you can provide screen shots or recording that will help as well.

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