Failing to capture an input's value

Hi! I’m attempting to create a custom formula and i’m loudly failing. No results are shown for any of the options I chose from the list of possibles. I just want to make simple calculations with the numbers my users put on some inputs but I can’t. In tutorials there’s an option called “form inputs” but it does not show to me. I can only chose for my inputs the “sum, average, min/max” options and even if I don’t do any calculation and just try to put them in the formula to see the value, it does not return anything.
Any insight would be very appreciated, thank you!

Hi @Basset,

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By Inputs you mean collection properties or text inputs?

Now it should be a section called Other Components!

Is it possible to add some screenshots or a video of your current setup?

Thank you

Thank you Dilon! I will add some screenshots:
I have this form and what I need to do is calculate a percentage and display it where it says “volumen seco” (dry volume). I have this input named “cantidad de toneladas” (amount of tons) and the “humedad” (humidity) one. I need to discount from the amount of tons the percentage of humidity and display it by the dry volume text.
Captura de pantalla 2022-08-05 145223

I mean, if I have 1000tn and the humidity percentage is 10% the dry volume should show 900tn.

These are the only options I have avaiable. And if I choose, for exaple, sum of humidity (or any other, I almost tried them all) absolutely nothing shows after “volumen seco”.
How can I capture the values that users put into the inputs to make calculations? I was wondering if it could be because until they don’t press the calculate button, no value is saved in my database. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Thank you again!

Are you using a form here? Or just two text inputs and a text component and a button?

It is a form as I need to save all the data displayed there in my database. Do you suggest using just inputs in this case?

I suggest to use inputs and a button because if you use a form you need to click the button to get the result and then to access that info to show the result you need to save it temporarily in a input or a user property.

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Thank you!! I will try it and tell you if that solved the problem :grinning:

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My gosh it worked!! Also I learned how to create custom forms and link them to the databases, I thought it was not possible!! Thank you so much :grinning:

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Awesome Aldana! Wishing you the best of luck!

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