Form Inputs value missing

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I was watching the search bar tutorial here. Upon trying to recreate I don’t seem to have the “Form Inputs” option available in the section to build a custom filter for a simple list. I even cloned the “Database Example Clone” from the help site and it’s not there either when it shows up in the video. (images below)

Other info

  • I’m on a 14 day trial which I started thinking that would allow for the field option with no success.

Form Input option I’m looking for from the video on the linked site:

Missing input option for me using a cloneable app from the data in the video

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Form Inputs section is now renamed as Other Components section. For get that you need to add a Input component to that screen.


Check this video made by @parker : Advanced Search in Adalo - YouTube

Thank you

@dilon_perera ,

thank you! I appreciate the guidance and providing the extra videoa!