Favorite list not working

Ahh, please help. I’ve spent so much time and it’s just not working.

I have a conference app, I want the user to be able to favorite speakers. I have a database of speakers, of favorite speakers and of users. They are all connected.

So I have a screen that has the list of all speakers, so connecting the list “Speakers” then when I click to add a toggle, it says nothing available. It only lets me use the toggle on favorite speakers when I select that as my data, but I don’t want to just bring up the favorited speakers (since there are none at this point) they need the full list of speakers. Make sense? Please help!

PS. I have gone through the adalo favoriting article/video several times. It still doesn’t help me as she’s just pulling the favorite list when I need to pull the original list.

Hi @Sarahk ,

Is it possible to show your Database and set-up? You need a Many to Many relationship between the Speakers collection and the Users collection! To show the favourite speakers you need another list that filtered.

Maybe this will help you! : Some Tips and Tricks by this Semi Noob! 😅 ( Tip no 24 )
Thank you

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