No-code stack for a story/tips app

Hello the community, I would like to create an app which will allow me to post stories or information (Photo + text, maybe videos sometimes) everyday for the user to learn or discover something + push notifications. I want these stories to be stored somewhere so I can easily access them, filter them, making sure that I won’t talk about the same subject too soon (by doing so, creating a master database for me). Should I use Airtable? What would be the best stack to write down the story, send it to my Adalo app, then activate a push notifications so the user can access the story? Thanks

Hi J-Begoood and welcome to the Adalo Forum!

Airtable is probably your best bet. It’s the easiest to manage from your perspective.

You could also build a custom way to do this in Adalo. As an expert, I’d say that isn’t too much work, but really depends on your familiarity and building speed!


Thanks a lot Erik, Airtable it is. Other question, is there a way I can sync when I want it? Meaning, I work on one article today but want to publish it in 3 days. Can I use a filter like “if the article as the status “published” on Airtable, then sync it with Adalo”? Or should I use a automation tool like Zapier? The idea is to be able to work on several articles but to only publish one daily. Thanks (and that would probably be it haha).

Have a status in AT (published, draft, featured, etc.). In Adalo, filter your lists accordingly.

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Hi @J_Begoood,
Airtable paid plans also have automation, so adding on top of @Erik , you can created status in AT and then use the automation to change the status to “Publish”, like you can sort the articles, and say Publish number 1.