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I just signed up for Adalo, but I would like to gather more information about features before I commit to any paid plan. I am a student researcher at the University of Richmond, and I am looking to build a small scale ios application to run an experiment this coming spring. The app will be designed to increase exercise frequency on campus and there will need to be several versions of the app to test different features on different groups of students.

Some of the features I will need to integrate are: a customizable calendar, live location based notifications, a badge system, and integrated forms. Could you please tell me if this functionality is possible through the platform? The app would run actively for approximately 6-12 weeks in the spring and ideally have several hundred student users during that time.

Hi Matt,

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  1. Yes, there is a calendar component available in the marketplace. It is very customizable( colors, language, etc.)

  2. Notifications yes, but GPS is not available yet; maybe in the spring, it will be available! :slight_smile:

  3. Badges, you can check out a cloneable kit for that here.

4.) There is a form component available.

Also, I would check out this exercise app in the app templates; it might help with your app.

Thank you for all the help! Those features look like they would be perfect for what I need. For work arounds for the GPS, is there potential to have a notification trigger if the device connects to a certain wifi router? (I know that is super specific, sorry). Or, potentially for me to implement my own code to use GPS?

No problem! This probably would be possible within a custom component.

This react native package might help you get started.

tbh, coding components are not that hard, you just need to learn about of react native (you can learn from youtube tutorials) and you should be good to go! just make sure that when you publish you publish as private. this way, everyone in your team will be able to access it.

Check out this link, (you’ll need to scroll down to see how to develop)

Good luck with your app, can’t wait to see the outcome of it! :slight_smile:

This post might be a nice workaround for GPS.

Thank you so much for all the help, I think both of those will work! I won’t be rolling it out to the spring, but I’ll put out something when it goes live!!

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